August 24th, 79 A.D.

My mother woke me up at 10:00 o’clock in the morning and I could feel the ground rumbling and my mother and I thought it was just an earthquake and so we didn’t think much of it. Later that evening we heard the ground rumble again so my mother asks me if I would go outside and look to see what’s really going on so I look outside and the smoke atop the great Mountain Vesuvius was so  high I couldn’t see the whole thing and the air was thick and it was hard to breathe. So I run inside and tell my mom so she runs into the kitchen and grabs the most scrumptious bread in the pantry. We dash outside and yell for our dog Pippin. I scoop him up and we run for the sea gates. I see my mother slip on her sandals and so I say a prayer and run to her. I get her up and then we run as fast as we can see that the boats were filling up quickly.

We finally get on the boat called the S.S. scurvy dog and then I look back and see my best friend on shore staring right at me crying and I yell her name but I see her get lost in the crowd I see tears blurring my vision and I scream her name knowing that I’d never see her again I was so furious that I could die! And then the boat starts to move I hug my mom as hard as I could. Right as we get off the shore I hear great Mount Vesuvius erupt. Then reality sets in and I start to cry really hard and my mother tries to comfort me but it just doesn’t work. I wish I was still in Pompeii.

August 25th, 79 A.D.

I just woke up and there is shore up ahead and I look up at my mom and she is snuggling with our dog Pippin and I guess my waking had startled her because she had woken up and Pippin started barking so mom shushes him and offers me some bread for breakfast I accept and say thank you and eat my sliver of bread. Somehow I fell asleep again because this time when I woke up we were on land. Thank the gods!